iBuild Africa

iBuild Africa is a youth-led equal-gendered movement that strives to unite African young potentials to take action on the continent’s challenges.

We are using the power of internet and social media to build a network of young African leaders who are making informed decisions to challenge the stereotypes, break the cycle of violence, and contribute to the development of their communities.

  • Unite:
  • Our mission is to connect youth from all corners of the continent without discrimination based on gender, race, class, or ethnicity . We aspire to promote diversity, empathy and coexistence between African potentials who are committed to building a sustainable continent.

  • Empower:
  • We believe that everyone is capable to make the change, only, if s/he is guided to breed innovation, change lives, and show their worth. We are working to mentor people to discover their real potentials, inner peace and leadership skills to develop solutions as part of the team.

  • Mobilize:
  • We are mobilizing a continent-wide chapters of active iBuild Africa movement to bridge collaborations in order to carry the banner for an african youth-led sustainable development

Meet The iBuilders

Ghada Zribi


Awanto Ernest

Chapter Lead

Rabeb Hamdani

Team Member

Malek Délly

Team Member

Nadia Jmal

Team Member